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  • positive review  很感谢Jouis holiday帮我安排了一个难忘的redang旅程,几乎把Redang岛上的住宿都介绍完给我,让我可以了解到最适合我需求的,非常满意Jouis的服务和介绍,下一次要出岛还是出国还是会继续光顾你们家❤

    thumb Fanny Chua
    April 22, 2019

    positive review  Best Holidays Service and Tour Guide. Thanks for the arrangement! Appreciate it 🙏🙏

    thumb Calynn Cheong
    August 6, 2018

    positive review  Professional guide with 5 stars service

    thumb Ckayz Ooi
    March 20, 2019

    positive review  Great service with helpful staff, It is a fun experience!

    thumb Szeyuin Shereen
    July 26, 2019
  • positive review  great service and reasonable price

    thumb Loh Hean Khoon
    March 20, 2019

    positive review  Strongly recommended! 5 stars!

    thumb Ooi Teng Aik
    March 19, 2019

    5 star review  非常满意和感谢Jouis Holiday Ms Teoh 的服务与耐心.. 帮我解决了所有的疑问�期待下一趟旅行,这家旅行社值得大家的信赖�

    thumb Flora Yeo
    May 23, 2017

    4 star review  �这趟旅程 我们29个人 选择了这家旅行社 去了Pulau perhentian ,大家都玩了很开心 ,去的过程里 我虽然很担心 因为网上都很多骗子的旅行社之类的问题 犹豫了很久 最后我选择了相信Jouis ,很感谢Jouis里“Ms Teoh ” 谢谢你让我们JB人 相信了那么远的旅行社 “penang”� Ms teoh人也超好的 � 每个问题都会耐心回答我 ,让我真的可以很放心的带着我的朋友家人们 去这次的旅行 �度假 �� 大家可以放心选者她们作为旅行社的首选 ��

    thumb Kelly Too
    June 28, 2017
  • positive review  Professional & fast respond let me worry free when I’m travel to which ever place. Highly recommended

    thumb Roland Chua
    March 19, 2019

    5 star review  Our company had appointed Jouis Holoday for our 4D3N Redang Trip..Everything was well-planned and arranged from hotel to food to everyday schedule on the island...We all really had a good time there!! Thank you Jouis Holiday...especially our “Super Tour Guide” - Jouis Holiday’s Crew - Jeffrey...He is so helpful and friendly throughout the trip..Superb Service from him and well done Jouis Holiday!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    thumb Zeon Angeline Lim
    August 6, 2018

    positive review  Good arrangement, quick response.

    thumb Veronica Yew
    August 19, 2019

    5 star review  从五年前开始,第一个选择的旅行社就是 Jouis Holiday.. 那时刻是去热浪岛,服务一切都很满意。直到去年出国到 意大利旅行,我还是选择了 Jouis Holiday 。我觉得他们的服务真是一级棒,工作效率也很快。一旦有什么问题,他们都会立刻得帮忙解决。Well Done Jouis Holiday!^^

    thumb Chloey Lngpsan
    February 9, 2017
  • positive review  有責任 服務也不錯 也有耐心一一解答問題 滿意這家安排的行程👍

    thumb Li Hung
    September 3, 2019

    positive review  A very helpful and good service tour agent. The guide is very cheerful. Had a very enjoy trip.

    thumb Elaine Leong Mc
    March 20, 2019

    5 star review  Excellent service!!! 💯💯💯

    thumb 歆霓
    August 6, 2018

    positive review  Very good service and have a nice holiday

    thumb Man Hor
    August 7, 2018
  • positive review  Professional, excellent and friendly service. Highly recommended

    thumb Sunny Fernando
    March 19, 2019

    5 star review  Organized a team building event for us at Perhentian back in May. Excellent service with well thought out planning to make everyone happy and relax. Most importantly we achieve our goal that is to bond with all members. Recently engaged Jouis Holiday again for a van rental service in Bangkok. The driver was already there waiting for us at the airport and the van is in tip top condition. Thumbs up again for the excellent coordination. I will come back again and again. You have gain a loyal customer. Keep up the good job!

    thumb Ivan Tan
    October 15, 2015

    5 star review  Recently visited Redang Island booked by Jouis Holiday. It was an exciting trip ang everything has been organised professionally.

    thumb Clarice Lim
    July 22, 2016

    positive review  good services very helpful personnel very knowledgeable also

    thumb Shervone Yo
    March 19, 2019
  • positive review  Went to qing dao with the boss. Very responsible and well planned

    thumb Liang Song Hui
    March 19, 2019

    positive review  Highly recommended. A very helpful and good service from them.

    thumb Katherine Yeoh
    March 21, 2019

    positive review  Excellent service and fast respond provided by Jouis Holiday. They have manage to fulfill my request even though its less than a week planned trip. Well done and strongly recommended! 👍🏻

    thumb Nick Quah
    August 27, 2018

    5 star review  大家好,我是最近这几天才從中国上海旅行回来,一家4人同行。当时就选了很多的旅行社,就在FB找到 jouis Holiday,因我们是住吉打,要去到梹城找这间旅行社也不懂能不能信用的,經过家人的商量,就选择了这间旅行社。JOUIS HOLIDAY MS TEOH 他都一一为我服务与答复,让我对这间旅行社觉得是最值得信赖与服务周到的旅行社。

    thumb Chin Cheng
    April 7, 2017
  • positive review  Excellent service and helpful.. strong recommend to everyone

    thumb Jeff Chui
    August 9, 2018

    positive review  best services. friendly tour guide

    thumb Lee Mun Chon
    March 19, 2019

    positive review  Excellent service we had an enjoyable trip.

    thumb Isabella Wong
    August 17, 2019

    positive review  Trip so far so good... but eat not really nice, cuz the manual every day no different😩... anyway sleep and snorkeling better great😀😀😀😀... next I will select back your agency Jouis Holiday.. And keep in touch yaa..🤣🤣

    thumb Jett Lee
    September 14, 2019
  • positive review  very good service and the boss is very nice guy

    thumb Jessie Wong
    March 19, 2019

    5 star review  Good 我喜欢赞赞赞

    thumb Fatt Seng Liew
    January 31, 2018

    positive review  Very good and have a nice holiday

    thumb Man Hor
    August 7, 2018

    5 star review  这一趟旅程真的很完美! 面对我的所有提问 他们都很耐心的回答我 及时帮我update 最新消息和帮我解决所有问题! 下次始终会选择你们� 服务态度真的很重要 态度很好 谢谢!

    thumb Joanne Lim
    May 26, 2017
  • positive review  Good arrangement and we did enjoyed the whole trip!!!

    thumb BKar Ang
    March 19, 2019

    positive review  Good agency with fast response

    thumb Cherry Chueng
    April 13, 2019

    positive review  good services. nice trip

    thumb Katherine Toh
    September 21, 2019

    positive review  best service, planning and arrangment. definitely 5 star service.

    thumb Ryan Loke
    March 19, 2019
  • positive review  Friendly, personalised service and the best prices!

    thumb Cari TechPenang
    March 19, 2019

    positive review  很感谢Jouis holiday帮我安排了一个难忘的redang旅程,几乎把Redang岛上的住宿都介绍完给我,让我可以了解到最适合我需求的,非常满意Jouis的服务和介绍,下一次要出岛还是出国还是会继续光顾你们家❤

    thumb Fanny Chua
    April 22, 2019

    5 star review  这家旅社每次都帮我解决所有问题,不管是机票酒店样样精通! 重点是: Ms Teoh 好有耐心地解答我奇奇怪怪的问题��� 您值得信赖的旅行社�

    thumb Alice Lim
    May 24, 2017

    positive review  Overall good experience. No hidden cost

    thumb Sam Ooi
    March 20, 2019